Tuesday the 21st of November 2017
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Islington referrals: Please use the Accept Consortium referral form [click here]. Due to high demand, the waiting lists for the BMER and DV/CSA streams of the Accept service are now closed. To download information about other services who might be able to help, click here: Other Islington services document

Haringey referrals: The waiting list for people with a Haringey GP will be closed until 1st January 2018. You can access a list of other services that may be of assistance here.

Enfield referrals: We have now met our contracted quota for this financial year (April-March) and so the waiting list for people with an Enfield GP is closed. You can access a list of other services that may be of assistance here.

Download a referral form

If you prefer, you can download one of the following forms: 

Right click to download and save the Word doc, then email completed forms to admin@nafsiyat.org.uk or via secure email to wajiha.ali@nhs.net. We also accept letters and faxes.

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